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Northeast Times | December 4, 2021

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Rep. Alonzo Named to Committee to Study Human Trafficking

Earlier today at the State Capitol, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Joe Straus, made an important announcement by naming seven lawmakers to the Joint Interim Committee to Study Human Trafficking. Among the appointments is Texas State Representative Roberto R. Alonzo of Dallas.

“I am honored and privileged indeed to have Speaker Straus appoint me to this important committee that will examine what I believe is a serious and heinous crime that is happening too often not only in Texas, but all over the US and worldwide alike. Human trafficking is a serious and grave violation of human rights. Every year, thousands of innocent men, women, and even young children fall prey to the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad, including many here in Texas and our own neighborhoods. I accept this particular appointment with a lot of respect to Speaker Straus for his confidence in me. This appointment will allow me an excellent opportunity to interact, collaborate and prioritize with my legislative colleagues about some solutions we can bring to the table to address this issue in Texas and identify services we can make available to victims,” said Rep. Alonzo.

The Human Trafficking Committee, established in the 2011 legislative session and renewed by the Legislature last year, will study the problem of human trafficking. It is charged with continuing its previous work by studying ways to combat the crime of human trafficking and identifying services available to victims.

According to data provided by the Speaker’s Office, an estimated 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States each year, and the number of U.S. citizens trafficked within the country is estimated to be even higher. Given its size and proximity to a major international border, Texas is often a focal point for human trafficking activity.

In addition to Rep. Alonzo, Rep. Senfronia Thompson of Houston will chair the committee, and will also include Reps. Todd Hunter of Corpus Christi, Debbie Riddle of Tomball, Joe Moody of El Paso, Tan Parker of Denton and James White of Woodville.