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Northeast Times | February 1, 2023

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Mike Collier Kicks Off Statewide “Texas Watchdog Tour”

Austin, TX – Beginning Sunday, July 20, Mike Collier, the Democratic nominee for comptroller, will be going on a tour of Texas. The “Texas Watchdog Tour” will kick off in Atascocita, Texas this Sunday. Collier will visit over 30 cities in 14 days including Houston, El Paso, Lubbock, Dallas, Texarkana, Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, and Brownsville.

Mike will be traveling across the state to speak directly to voters and to set the record straight on our state’s finances and how we must reform the comptroller’s office.

In anticipation of the tour, Mike Collier released the following statement:

“For too long the office of comptroller has been used to climb the political ladder instead of carefully watching over Texas’ tax dollars. The comptroller is supposed to protect taxpayers, to look out for everyone, not just the politically well-connected.

“The Watchdog Tour is about bringing our message to everyday Texans. It’s time we start looking at the real life consequences of a careless approach to our state’s finances. These conversations are one way we can start working to build a better future for the Texas we all love.”

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer released the following statement on the “Texas Watchdog Tour”:

“Mike Collier has strong vision for the future of Texas and on this tour he’ll have a chance to share that vision with voters across Texas. Texas Democrats are stepping up to the plate to help organize the “Texas Watchdog” statewide tour with boots on the ground at every stop. We’re ready to ensure that Mike Collier is our next comptroller.”