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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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Leticia Van de Putte Joins Fellow Pharmacists and Releases Texas First Health Care Plan

Leticia Van de Putte Joins Fellow Pharmacists and Releases Texas First Health Care Plan

San Antonio, TX — Senator Leticia Van de Putte, a pharmacist of over 30 years, was joined by colleagues as she released her Texas First Health Care plan. Leticia’s Texas First plans focus on building a smart economy, strong communities, and secure families.

At Davila Pharmacy in San Antonio, where she works when not on the Senate floor in the Texas Capitol, Leticia called for a Texas solution to our health care challenges. Leticia’s plan increases access to care for Texas women, closes the coverage gap, protects Texas businesses from tax penalties, and promotes economic growth by drawing down billions in federal funds, putting Texas taxpayers dollars back to work for Texans.

Leticia’s Texas First Health Care Plan:

Senator Leticia Van de Putte released the following statement:

“All hardworking Texans deserve health care, not just those that can afford it. For over thirty years, I have been listening to Texans across the prescription counter. I know the successes and the tragic shortcomings of the health care system in our state.

“As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll forge a Texas solution to draw down federal funds back to Texas taxpayers, protect Texas businesses, and expand access to affordable health care in our state. One out of every four Texans lacks health insurance, that system is unsustainable, bad for business, and bad for Texas families.”

HEALTH CARE: Building a Texas Solution for Healthy Texans and Strong Texas Businesses

1. Promoting a Healthy Workforce by Securing a Texas Solution to Close the Coverage Gap

2. Protect Texas Businesses from Devastating Tax Penalties that Threaten our Economy

3. Promote Economic Growth by Drawing Down Billions of Dollars in Federal Funds

4. Promote Healthy Families by Increasing Access to Lifesaving Care for Texas Women

Leticia Van de Putte has released the following Texas First plans:

Higher Education: Preparing Texans for the Jobs of the Future
PreK-12 Education: A Path To and Through College
Veterans: Honoring Those Who Protect Us
Immigration: Securing the Border and Texas’ Economic Future
Jobs & Economic Development: Good Jobs, the Foundation for Strong Texas