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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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2016 Trip Advisor: Ted Cruz, Ending Family Vacations Since 2013

2016 Trip Advisor: Ted Cruz, Ending Family Vacations Since 2013

It’s summer, and that means school’s out and families across the country are headed out on vacation. Hopefully they’re visiting some of the 13 national parks, or the over 65 national natural and historic landmarks across Texas this month in honor of National Parks Month.

Texas families better get their trips in now, because if U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has his way, they won’t be around for much longer. In early July, Senator Ted Cruz introduced an amendment that would prevent the federal government from owning more than 50 percent of land in a state. [Office of Senator Ted Cruz, 7/08/2014]

This isn’t the first time Senator Cruz has come after our national parks. According to the National Parks Intermountain Region office, the Government shutdown last October, led by Cruz, significantly impacted our National Parks. Parks and their surrounding communities lost an estimated $414 million.

National Parks in Texas are visited by 3.5 million people a year and account for over 2,300 jobs. In 2013, Texas made $173 million off National Parks. [San Antonio Express News, 7/23/2014]

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Lisa Paul released the following statement:

“Senator Ted Cruz has a history of coming after our National Parks, and that hurts Texans. When the parks were closed during Cruz’s shutdown, they stopped bringing in revenue, tourists stopped visiting the towns around them, local businesses suffered, and family vacations were canceled. We’re lucky to live in state with so much history and natural beauty, Senator Cruz should take some time to smell the flowers instead of trampling on them.”