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Northeast Times | December 2, 2022

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Patrick and Paxton Stand Together For Discrimination

Patrick and Paxton Stand Together For Discrimination

This week, Texas Conservative Coalition filed a brief in support of the same sex marriage ban in Texas. 63 Republican legislators signed the brief, including Republican nominee for lieutenant governor Dan Patrick and Republican nominee for attorney general Ken Paxton. The brief states recognition of same-sex marriage “could lead to the recognition of bigamy, incest, pedophilia, and group marriage.” [Texas Conservative Coalition Marriage Brief, 8/4/2014]

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement:

“Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton are running for two of the most prominent and powerful positions in the state of Texas. This brief makes their intentions clear: rather than working towards equality and fairness, Patrick and Paxton want to marginalize, discriminate and spread antiquated ideas about the LGBTQ community in Texas.

“Texans deserves leaders who know that love is love, and that it’s time to end the Republican culture of discrimination across our state.”

Texas State Representative Mary Gonzalez released the following statement:

“Texas Republicans keep spreading misinformation and lies about the LGBTQ community that only takes our state backward. Every Texan deserves the right to love who they love and its a shame some of my colleagues can’t seem to understand that. This November, we must stand strong and united against this type of hateful rhetoric and elect leaders who will fight for justice and equality for all.”

Texas State Representative Celia Israel released the following statement:

“My colleagues in the legislature should be embarrassed. This kind of bigotry belongs to the Mad Men era, not in our Texas. We should be working to welcome more people to our state, not spreading this kind of hateful rhetoric. Texas Democrats believe that diversity is part of what makes our state great and builds stronger communities.”