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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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NRH Trail System

NRH Trail System

With the recent opening of the John Barfield Trail and the Calloway Branch Trail, the City of North Richland Hills now has over 30 miles of hike and bike trails for all ages to explore. Walkers, runners, bicyclists and other users are encouraged to enjoy the trails for both recreation and transportation.

The new John Barfield Trail meanders east and west through the dense vegetation of the Little Bear Creek corridor. The east end of the trail connects to the Cotton Belt Trail at Precinct Line Road, while the west end provides a connection to the City of Keller trail system.

The new Calloway Branch Trail runs north and south, connecting the John Barfield Trail to Cross Timbers Park, Richfield Park, Liberty Park and the North Electric Trail. A significant portion of the Calloway Branch Trail is on-road with major off-road sections located within the parks.

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Safety Urged at Trail Crossings

In locations where trails cross a street, trail users should exercise caution and yield to vehicles in the roadway. Remember to stop, look and listen before proceeding across the street. Never block traffic, attempt to stop traffic or suddenly leave a curb into the path of a vehicle.

Motorists should be aware of new trail crossings on Smithfield Road, Kirk Lane and Rumfield Road. Please watch for trail users in these areas and yield when pedestrians or cyclists are in the roadway.

Trail Etiquette

Proper trail etiquette also helps ensure that everyone safely enjoys the trails. When using NRH trails please practice these behaviors:

– Be aware of your surroundings; if listening to music, keep the volume low enough to hear external voices and sounds.
– Keep right and pass others on the left, giving an audible warning with a bell or calling out “passing on your left.”
– With many types of users moving at different speeds, bicyclists should yield to pedestrians. Remember: wheels yield to heels.
– Very fast cycling is inappropriate for the trails and should be done on public roadways.
– At busy areas on the trail, avoid traveling three abreast. When faster traffic comes up from behind switch from traveling abreast to in-line to give others room to go by safely.
– Keep an eye on children. Be mindful that kids sometimes veer into the path of oncoming traffic.
– Teach children that they must share the trail. If your child is cycling, be sure they are skilled enough to control the bike, and maneuver as needed to share the trail and safely pass.
– Pets on the trail should be under control at all times and on a short leash. Please remove pet waste and keep pets to the right of the trail’s center line.
– Please help us take care of the trails by disposing of litter in trash receptacles.
– No motorized vehicles allowed on the trails, except that persons with mobility disabilities may use power-driven mobility devices that conform to State and Federal laws and regulations.

Following these simple tips will ensure that all users of the NRH Trail System have a safe and enjoyable experience!