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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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CISD Schools Skype with NASA Engineers, Scientists

CISD Schools Skype with NASA Engineers, Scientists

Carroll ISD students made history last week by participating in the first student video synchronous participation via Skype at a NASA Social event at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Students from Walnut Grove Elementary, Eubanks Intermediate, Durham Intermediate, and Dawson Middle School were given the opportunity to ask top scientists, program directors, engineers, and helophysics experts questions about NASA’s Multiscale Magnetosphere mission activities, space weather, the sun, and magnetism.

Students along with face-to-face attendees were given access to a top magnetic reconnection testing facility and observatory that had never been previously shown to the public. NASA’s MMS mission is scheduled to launch in March of 2015. The purpose of the mission is to develop a better understanding of magnetic reconnection, Earth’s magnetosphere, solar weather, and the sun.

indexMs. Price, a technology teacher at Eubanks Intermediate, is introducing students to the mission and integrating many instructional technology components with students surrounding real problems related to the NASA MMS mission. DMS science club students, sponsored by Ms. Ausin, along with Ms. Trammel’s digital art students are also exploring the topics related to NASA’s MMS mission and the sun. Durham Intermediate via Mr. Underwood’s 6th grade math students, along with Ms. Johnson and Ms. Smith science lab students learned also participated in Skype activities and are actively learning about solar storms and the space craft being used in the mission.

NASA officials are using pictures taken on Friday along with Mr. Underwood’s reflection to share with project directors this week on the success of Friday’s activities. To view event details and to locate more photos, check out the Twitter feed, #MagRecon.