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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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Kids Who Care and the Greatest Gift Catalog Ever!

Kids Who Care and the Greatest Gift Catalog Ever!

Kids Who Care, a non-profit international musical theatre company based in Fort Worth’s Cultural District, will conduct a special one night “phone a thon” with the Board of Directors, Kids, Parents, and Kids Who Care Staff to ask supporters to help Kids Who Care reach $10,000.

Kids Who Care is honored to be one of 14 Non-profits highlighted in the Greatest Gift Catalog Ever which is is sent out during the holiday season. “The catalog looks roughly like a Lands End or Williams-Sonoma catalog, but instead of clothing, kitchen gadgets or other merchandise there are charitable giving opportunities. In a traditional holiday gift catalog you might find a sweater priced at $100 or an all in one slicer/grater/peeler kitchen gadget for $30. In The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever, you would find the opportunity to purchase happiness.” -From the Greatest Gift Catalog Executive Summary

“Bravo! and a jubilant standing ovation to Elliott and Heather Goldman who dreamed the dream called the Greatest Gift Catalog! 1,000’s of people all across our community are better served because the Goldman’s give us a way to reach out together. Fourteen non-profits improving the lives of others stand side by side at the holidays and everyone grows as a result. Incredible. “ – Deborah Jung – Founder and Executive Director, Kids Who Care

The night will surely be an exciting one, working together, building dreams, and creating a place where the child is cherished.

For more information, or to book the Kids Who Care Resident Company, please contact 817.737.5437 or visit