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Northeast Times | February 1, 2023

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CMA Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Part 5-of-5 Series

CMA Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Part 5-of-5 Series

his is the final in a five-part series this week celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Carroll Medical Academy.

SPECIAL REPORT: Looking Ahead: The Future of CMA
The prestigious Carroll Medical Academy celebrates a decade of academic excellence in Carroll ISD. Students who participate in the advanced classes offered at the high school level are prepared for continued education in the field of medicine.

As the Carroll Medical Academy continues to be the premier high school pre-med education program in the area, the dedicated CMA Boosters also see the potential for growth over the next ten years.

“Our future is bright,” said CMA Booster President Trish Ballew.

Ballew says the Carroll Medical Academy will continue to grow in the years that lie ahead. In order to do that, she says the CMA needs community support and involvement.

“I see a great chance to expand our internship program as more and more medical professionals move into the city of Southlake.”

The number of physicians participating the annual CMA Career Day event has grown from a handful of pediatricians and orthodontists to over two-dozen practicing medical professionals from wide ranging fields.

“From an academic standpoint, the Carroll Medical Academy has been a true winner for the CISD,” Ballew said.

Interest in supporting CMA is necessary to its growth and Ballew says what is good for CMA is good for Carroll ISD.

“Overall, CMA students represent approximately 12% of the 9-12 grade high school population and are among some of the highest achieving students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” Ballew said.

As student participation grows within CMA, the Boosters are always looking forward. Booster club members are seeking new challenges and creating new opportunities for students, organizing field trips and fundraising. Ballew says the boosters also reach out to new Freshman parents to help them understand what lies ahead for their student.

“We strive to make changes every year in an effort to continually fine tune events the boosters plan, and organize,” Ballew said.

Ballew added that student input will always be important and necessary to create future opportunities for CMA students.

For more information about CMA, including how to become a sponsor visit the CMA Booster Club website.