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Northeast Times | February 5, 2023

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The contractor has finished the main lane paving on Central Drive so drivers have now been shifted onto the roundabout, which is now in its final alignment. Construction is still taking place around the travel lanes, so for safety reasons, the temporary stop signs will remain in place to slow traffic prior to entering the roundabout. The temporary stop signs will be removed once all construction activities have been completed.

The contractor will be installing the remaining curbs, medians, pavers, bridge railing, and sidewalks. Brief lane closures will occur as necessary to complete this work when necessary to keep the crews safe.

The contractor has focused the past few weeks on the completion of the main lane paving for the south leg of the intersection (Central Drive) to get drivers on the roundabout as soon as possible. This was done in multiple phases. The first section of pavement was placed on Jan. 6, the second on Jan. 16 and the third and final section was placed on Jan. 26. The contractor used a special type of concrete that gets its strength quickly, which allowed drivers on the lanes sooner.