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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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From the Office of Traffic Management: Brumlow/SH 26 Construction Begins

From the Office of Traffic Management: Brumlow/SH 26 Construction Begins

The City of Southlake’s Office of Traffic Management was recently notified that starting Monday, February 2nd, TxDOT will begin roadwork on the intersection at Brumlow and State Highway 26. The construction will have an impact on travel going into and out of the City of Southlake.

What is happening? TxDOT plans to close several lanes of traffic on the north side of the intersection leaving only one lane open on Brumlow in each direction. The roadwork is expected to take approximately six to eight weeks to complete. This is a continuation of the larger roadway improvement project on the south side of State Highway 26 and Pool Road.

When does the project begin? The road construction project begins Monday, February 2nd.

How will the OTM help lessen the impact to drivers? The OTM is placing electronic signs to help drivers safely navigate around the intersection. TxDOT also plans to place signs in key areas to help manage the flow of traffic. Southlake Police Officers will also be monitoring the intersection and be able to immediately assist with any major tie-ups during peak travel times.

How can I get into and out of the City if I normally use Brumlow? If you use Brumlow frequently we are advising all motorists to find alternate routes. Drivers are also encouraged to use a mobile phone traffic application such as Waze, Beat the Traffic, Inrix or Google Maps to remain informed on traffic conditions at this location and along the SH 26 corridor. All of these applications can provide suggestions for avoiding Brumlow until construction is complete.

Keep in mind that other routes, such as Kimball Ave., typically experience some traffic backups, depending on the time of day, so you will need to find the best alternate route that works for you and your daily commute.

We understand that growth and projects to improve City roads are never easy on anyone but the residents of Southlake should know that they have a dedicated team of professionals from multiple departments within the City working to lessen the impact caused by road construction projects and traffic issues.

We thank you for your patience as we work with TxDOT and area municipalities to get the Brumlow/State Highway 26 project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. For traffic updates and other important information from the Departments of Public Safety please follow us on Facebook at