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Northeast Times | January 28, 2023

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Emerald Belles Take Top Prize at Dance Competition

Emerald Belles Take Top Prize at Dance Competition

The Crowd Pleasers Contest hosted at Timber Creek High School was a great success for Carroll’s Emerald Belle Drill Team. The competition was held Feb. 20-21. The Bells won first place overall out of the entire competition. The team was also named Overall Grand Champion and received trophies, banner, and a winner’s check. The Belles won their division as well as first place in High Kick, Jazz, and Lyrical. They were awarded the Highest Scoring Dance of the Day for their high kick routine, Outstanding Technique, Precision, and Choreography. The jazz and high kick both placed first overall out of every division.

Videos of the award winning performances are posted online.

The Belle Officers competed in the Officer Division and received first Runner-Up Overall, 1st in lyrical, 1st in Jazz, 2nd in Contemporary, and Outstanding Technique, Precision, and Choreography. In the Junior/Senior Solo Division Addie Perkins and Jessica Bowman received second place, Laurel Kavanagh third place, and Sophia Parrish fourth place. In the Freshman/Sophomore Solo Division Claire McCoy won second place and Ashley Estridge received third place. In the Duet Division Claire Berutti and Peyton Faltys came in second place. Shivani Chandra, Lauren Dooley, Lauren Teeuws, Catherine Brannon, Ryleigh Malloy, Morgan Kay, Madisyn Daniel, Claire McCoy, Bethany Sauls, Kelly Alspaw, Audrey Vestal, and Ashley Greene entered in the medium ensemble division and earned third place.

The Belles are under the direction of Melissa Page and assisted by Kathryn Dobrow.

For more information about the Emerald Belles, visit their website.