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Northeast Times | January 28, 2023

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Volunteers Are A Work Of Heart

Volunteers Are A Work Of Heart

Hundreds of faithful GRACE volunteers will gather to be recognized at this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, taking place on April 24 at Hilton DFW Lakes Ballroom. Coinciding with National Volunteer Week, it’s an ideal time to inspire and recognize the lasting impact volunteers make on the community.

Volunteers are the driving force behind daily operations at GRACE. On average, 2,000 active volunteers give an estimated 54,000 hours of donated time each year. GRACE volunteers serve in all capacities from the members of the Board of Directors taking on GRACE’s most critical challenges, to Boy Scout Troops and families working toward a common goal.

During Volunteer Week, site managers enjoy finding ways to honor their volunteers with personal gestures, such as a home cooked meals or desserts, thank you letters or new aprons or supplies.

Since volunteers are such a part of our identity at GRACE, the site managers also highlight one volunteer each year who has exemplified a stellar attitude or excellent work ethic. The selected volunteers are announced at the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

The program managers and other staff at GRACE can never give enough accolades or tokens of appreciation to measure up to the tremendous difference GRACE volunteers make in their lives and the families we serve. If you have volunteered in any capacity, we hope you’ll join us for the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on April 24.