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Northeast Times | September 26, 2021

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YMSL Coppell Gives Clinic Cool Relief

YMSL Coppell Gives Clinic Cool Relief

With a family of over 200 members, the Young Men’s Service League (YMSL) in Coppell set out help our GRACE family with some wonderful donations, including a large refrigerator for our Community Clinic. Members of YMSL collaborated with GRACE to determine how to be the best stewards of funds to meet our current needs.

Last year, the Community Clinic administered 240 flu vaccinations for at-risk patients. As a medical facility, the Community Clinic abides by stringent requirements to ensure vaccinations are at the proper temperature for administration and preservation. This ensures all doses are 100% effective for our clients and can be stored for later use.

In addition to the recent restoration work to the Transitional Housing facility by Leadership Grapevine and Trinity Presbyterian, the mother-son team at YMSL donated 12 new blinds for Transitional Housing clients. Walkie-talkies were also purchased for the GRACEful Buys staff and volunteers, which allows those with incoming furniture to communicate easily with the storefront staff.

“Working with GRACE allows our boys and moms to work with people in our community and have an immediate impact, says Lisa Cunov, a YMSL member who served on the committee to select the chapter’s charity, “it is easily accessible, so the families can help during the week and on the weekends. There are many areas we can work with which allows the boys to find the area they feel most connected to. Our relationship with GRACE has grown and we look forward to more growth in the future!”

YMSL has been a faithful partner to GRACE, with many projects, including their service day called the Ultimate Gift, which puts 240 YMSL members to work for the GRACE cause. A whole-hearted thanks to the moms and sons who made the GRACE donations possible!