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Northeast Times | October 5, 2022

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Intern at Street Jitsu!

Intern at Street Jitsu!

Our Mission:
At Street Jitsu, we encourage teamwork and togetherness, similar to how MMA fighters train with their partners to become the very best at fighting. A Street Jitsu employee, like a mixed martial artist, is a well-rounded individual who is willing to dedicate the time necessary to become a world-class warrior. The members of Street Jitsu are compiled of champions who have earned their rightful place into this world by becoming successful in many different ways.

The undeniable growth of Street Jitsu has revolutionized the self-defense and fitness industry we know today, and Street Jitsu is currently a leader of MMA training.
We are recognized for the positive impact that we’ve had on the community, and for changing peoples’ lives in uplifting ways. Come and join us in our pursuit of success, and excel in the self-defense and fitness world we call home.

The Street Jitsu Opportunity:
• This position is based in Roanoke, TX, where Street Jitsu’s world class training center and headquarters is located.
• Roanoke matches the passion and energy of Street Jitsu and offers a vast array of entertainment, restaurants, spas, golf courses, shops and accommodations.
• Street Jitsu, owned and operated by RQS Inc, has additional offices in Keller and Los Angeles, California.
• Our Roanoke office consists of an on-site gym with MMA equipment, wrestling mats and punching bags.
• We have a regular wellness schedule for our employees, featuring free self-defense and fitness classes.

Strategy for Winning:
• Our office consists of people who are passionate, dedicated and innovative.
• This program will offer you the opportunity to become directly involved in Street Jitsus’ online initiatives and new media campaigns.
• We will strive to make this a challenging and interesting experience, while providing the necessary training to help one develop specific skills.
• Our marketing department is heavily involved in promoting Street Jitsu through new, emerging forms of technology and communication.

Participants will get to experience some or all of the following:
1. Maintains and enhances the Street Jitsu master database
2. Assists with search engine optimization (SEO)
3. Assists in video publication to outside vendors and national partners
4. Participates in digital strategy and distribution
5. Adds photos and links to all articles on, Facebook & other social media sites
6. Links articles on event night as videos are released
7. Will mail prizes to winners
8. Scans websites and social media for event-related fighter content
9. Reviews existing digital venues (both online and mobile) for accuracy and timeliness of content
10. Supports marketing team members on various projects as needed.
11. Markets to potential clients with brochures, fliers, business cards & info sheets
12. This is an unpaid internship, and does not provide housing, relocation or transportation assistance.
13. RQS Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We are seeking candidates that are:
1. Currently pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree in Business Management, Marketing, New Media or related field.
2. Interested in new and emerging forms of communication and technology.
3. Have strong organizational skills, writing ability and a basic understanding of marketing concepts and techniques.
4. Should be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
5. Ability and desire to work and learn in a fast-paced work environment.
6. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
7. Ability to analyze data.
8. Knowledge of social networking and new media outlets.

1. Must be enrolled in an accredited college and may be receiving academic credit for the internship, or possess at least 1 year of marketing experience.
2. Must be able to work at least 15+ hours per week for the summer semester, and at least 10+ hours for fall or spring semesters.

Note: When you apply for this job, you will be required to answer the following questions:
1. Yes/No: If selected for this internship, will you receive college credit for it?
2. Yes/No: I understand this is an unpaid internship and if selected, I am willing to relocate for the duration of the internship.
3. What year are you in your academic program?
4. What do you want to learn from this experience?
5. What is your career goal upon completion of your degree? What type of position do you hope to attain upon graduation?
6. What experience and skills have you gained through classes, internships, and/or work experiences that will help you in this position?
7. Please include your elevator pitch in your email to us:

Street Jitsu
210 James St. Roanoke, TX 76262
Dennis Thomas, Jr. cell 817-307-8291
Phone: 817-808-0250