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Northeast Times | October 27, 2021

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Teachers Honored at Annual Community Teacher Appreciation Night

Teachers Honored at Annual Community Teacher Appreciation Night

Many Keller ISD teachers were honored at the 5th annual Teacher Appreciation dinner, hosted by youth from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The evening featured a choir performance, slideshow, and the youth giving a heartfelt tribute to their nominated teacher. More than 240 people attended the event, including Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid, Keller ISD Board of Trustees Jim Stitt, Karina Davis, Brad Schofield, and Ruthie Keyes, Keller Mayor Mark Mathews, Keller City Councilman Rick Barnes, and principals of the recognized schools.

Congratulations to the following teachers:
Ann Barnes, Bear Creek Intermediate
Dawn Arrington, Bear Creek Intermediate
Kathleen Keen, Bear Creek Intermediate
Katie Taylor, Bear Creek Intermediate
Lynn Stewart, Bear Creek Intermediate
Blake Lentz, Bear Creek Intermediate
Stephanie Oates, Bear Creek Intermediate
Tony Yarbro, Bear Creek Intermediate
Jennifer Mitchell, Central High School
Cindy Fritzenmeier, Florence Elementary
Leslie Gray, Fossil Ridge High School
Joy Chappell, Hidden Lakes Elementary
Aaron Monaghen, Indian Springs Middle School
Jeff Robins, Indian Springs Middle School
Jeffrey Walters, Indian Springs Middle School
Julie Parton, Indian Springs Middle School
Lindsay Jackson, Indian Springs Middle School
Lourdes Sully, Indian Springs Middle School
Melanie McCray, Indian Springs Middle School
Nicole Gardner, Indian Springs Middle School
Stace Bowen, Indian Springs Middle School
Kimberly Tavarez, Keller-Harvel Elementary
Mistee Clepper, Keller-Harvel Elementary
Monica Quinene, Keller High School
Alexander Carr, Keller High School
Beth Michelsen, Keller High School
Bethany Booth, Keller High School
Byron Bundy, Keller High School
Cathy Bonds, Keller High School
Cecilia Dang, Keller High School
Christie Panno, Keller High School
Damian Barranco, Keller High School
Daniel Bloss, Keller High School
David Clemmons, Keller High School
David Evans, Keller High School
Jennie Thompson, Keller High School
Justin Gretzinger, Keller High School
Keith Killebrew, Keller High School
Kristopher Price, Keller High School
Meagan Weldon, Keller High School

Nicholas Campbell, Keller High School
Pauli Young, Keller High School
Ross Miller, Keller High School
Russell Wharton, Keller High School
Ryan Haines, Keller High School
Shelly Waggoner, Keller High School
Stanton Cole, Keller High School
Stephenie Miller, Keller High School
Wendi Jones, Keller High School
Wendy Larriba, Keller High School
Chrissy Greeling, Keller ISD Learning Coordinator
Benjamin Rundell, Keller Middle School
Carla Epperson, Keller Middle School
Cathy Evans, Keller Middle School
Jael Rojas, Keller Middle School
Jedidiah Maus, Keller Middle School
Jennifer Wolf, Keller Middle School
Kati Grimmer, Keller Middle School
Kristin Harris, Keller Middle School
Kyle Epting, Keller Middle School
Laurie Williams, Keller Middle School
Logan Lacy, Keller Middle School
Mary Snow, Keller Middle School
Melissa Hatheway, Keller Middle School
Michael Le, Keller Middle School
Phillip Daurio, Keller Middle School
Sandra McCorkle, Keller Middle School
Stephanie Thiele, Keller Middle School
Carrie Wheeler, South Keller Intermediate
Emily Morrow, South Keller Intermediate
Susan Alvord, South Keller Intermediate