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Northeast Times | October 5, 2022

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KISD Superintendent Launches First-Ever Superintendent Student Cabinet

KISD Superintendent Launches First-Ever Superintendent Student Cabinet

Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid recently held the first Keller ISD Student Cabinet meeting in an effort to seek the voice of students in the District.

Two seniors and one junior from each of the District’s four high schools were selected to participate in the group discussions throughout the school year. While Dr. Reid communicates important information to the student cabinet members regarding public education issues and ongoing legislative and budgetary challenges, he primarily serves as an active listener throughout the meetings to gather student feedback.

Keller High School senior Nolan Taylor enjoyed the first meeting and appreciated that all four high schools were equally represented.

“I love that the superintendent and other administrators in our school district took the time out of their very busy schedules to hear what the students had to say,” said Taylor. “They recognize that they don’t see it all and that student leaders can help them grow and improve as a district.”

Samantha Cary, a Central High School senior said it was eye-opening to know that students from all areas in Keller ISD are experiencing similar issues, and this opportunity has encouraged her to take note of more things happening around campus.

“It felt great to be invited to share our voice, and it showed that the superintendent cares about the students,” Cary said.

Discussion topics included expectations of a KISD graduate, career and technology education courses, communication skills, grading policies, bullying and harassment, and lunches.

Between meetings at the District level, high schools are using the feedback shared and taking it back to their campuses. CHS Principal David Hinson said he plans to meet with his three student representatives on a regular basis to find solutions and make adjustments at the campus level.

“I enjoyed hearing the students’ perspectives and making a connection with each of them,” Dr. Reid said. “These meetings will give us a better look at what the students are experiencing and provide insight so we can make changes where necessary to create the best educational opportunities possible for our students.”

While in its inaugural year, the Superintendent Student Cabinet was set up with the idea that the 11th grade students currently serving will return for their senior year, and joining them will be another senior and junior from each high school campus. Other administrators present during Student Cabinet meetings include the four high school principals, Chief Administrative Officer Cecil McDaniel, Executive Director of Leadership Dustin Blank, General Counsel Amanda Bigbee, and Executive Director of Communications Shellie Johnson.