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Northeast Times | October 5, 2022

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The Haltom City/Riverside Masonic lodge #1331

The Haltom City/Riverside Masonic lodge #1331

The Haltom City/Riverside Masonic lodge #1331, located at 4403 Broadway, Haltom City, Tx 76117, is having
an OPEN HOUSE on May 27th, 2017 from 10:00AM-2:00PM. The public is welcomed to come by for some light
refreshments to meet, mingle, and get acquainted with the lodge and members of the fraternity.

Members of this lodge have been active within the community providing assistance and leadership in the good
works of charity and community service with organizations such as the Senior Center and Recreation facilities
of Haltom City. The lodge has provided thousands of dollars in high school scholarships over the years, and will
be offering $5,000 in scholarships in 2017. The lodge has also committed $1,000 as a charitable donation to
KinderFrogs School at TCU. KinderFrogs is an early childhood education program that addresses TCU mission
to provide research, training, and service for children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome.

The Ancient Free and Accepted Masons fraternity is the oldest fraternal organization known to man, and has
been involved in charitable works since 1951 in Haltom City. The Riverside Masonic Lodge was Chartered in
1922, and merged with Haltom City Masonic lodge in 1998.

The goals of the lodge are to advance the moral and social interests of its membership; to foster good
citizenship, honest industry and upright living; to cultivate the exercise of charity in its best and broadest
sense to assist the widows and orphans of its deceased members; to stimulate friendship, harmony and
brotherly love, and generally to promote, in its own way, the happiness of mankind — we are a Fraternity of
good men, linked together by honorable and indissoluble bonds, to accomplish these noble purposes,
eschewing all interests in factional politics and sectarian religion and free from the dictation of both.

While there are several youth organizations sponsored by the various Masonic organizations, three are the
largest and best known: The Order of Demolay, The International Order of Rainbow for girls, and The
International Order of Job’s Daughters. Demolay is an organization for young men aged 12 to 21, and teaches
the virtues of reverence, love of parents, comradeship, patriotism, courtesy, cleanness, and fidelity. Young
men do not need to have a Masonic relative to join the organization. Rainbow is an organization for young
women aged 11 to 20. Women known as Mother Advisors give adult supervision and guidance. Each of the
colors of the rainbow is associated with a particular virtue or source of inspiration. Job’s daughters takes its
name from a story in the Biblical Book of Job, and places special emphasis on community service.

Some founding fathers and famous and notable Masons were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John
Hancock, San Houston, Stephen F. Austin, James Bowie, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman,
Gerald Ford, John Wayne, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Harry Houdini, and Paul Harvey to name a few.

Please contact the lodge with any question (817) 838-3687 email:


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