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Northeast Times | October 5, 2022

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A ‘Hole’ Lot of Love and Support: Shipley Do-Nuts Partners With KISD ‘My Connections’

A ‘Hole’ Lot of Love and Support: Shipley Do-Nuts Partners With KISD ‘My Connections’

As a pillar in the community and our first stop in the morning, the Watauga location of Shipley Do-Nuts has partnered with Keller ISD’s Adult Transition program for upwards of six years.

Shipley Do-Nuts is an American doughnut chain with over 300 franchise stores across six states. Founded in 1936, the brand has since taken off. A large contributor to the longevity and success are the entrepreneurs who purchase a franchise and operate the branch through their own means.

Owners of the Watauga location, Sundary Rama and Mony Chheng, have run their thriving establishment for nearly 16 years. As Cambodian refugees, both left the warring country and moved from California to Texas to further move into the business.

Subsequently, the dedication of Rama, Chheng, and their staff has not gone unnoticed. This particular location is the recipient of numerous awards and certificates, recognizing their open arms towards the community.

A way that they have showcased this trait is through their participation in the Keller ISD special education program, My Connections. My Connections is a high school transition program meant to ease the shift from high school to adult life. This process includes three tracks: My Career Connections, My Community Connections, and My Life Connections.

Shipley Do-Nuts’ partnership is more specifically with My Career Connections. The program admits two students with one instructor per semester. The small number of participants increases the guided focus of both the teacher and students. Throughout the workday, the instructor will observe as the young adults fulfill their daily duties. This looser rein of direction encourages each task to be done to the best of their own abilities.

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