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Northeast Times | December 19, 2018

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Colleyville City staff prepared for winter weather

Colleyville City staff prepared for winter weather

Colleyville Public Works stands ready with wintry weather in the forecast for the New Year’s weekend.

The National Weather Service is predicting freezing drizzle and wintry mix this weekend in Colleyville. In the instance the weather begins to impact Colleyville roads, the City follows a detailed plan to service the infrastructure.
Public Works assembles a fleet to distribute deicer and sand that includes two stainless steel spreader boxes mounted on dump trucks, a fiberglass spreader mounted on a dual-rear wheeled pickup, a front-end loader, and an additional pickup.

When snow or ice begins to fall, the Field Operations Supervisor will check the hills and bridges and if he determines treatment is needed, will dispatch the dump truck mounted spreader boxes to treat the hills and bridges. He will also visit all three fire stations and the Justice Center to determine whether treatment is needed at those locations.

Because of the infrequency of winter storm events, the City does not have snow plows, nor does it have enough equipment and personnel to treat all City streets. Therefore treatment for snow and ice is limited to public facilities including public safety buildings, roundabouts, bridges, hills/steep grades, and intersections.

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