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Northeast Times | January 26, 2022

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Southlake: Unsung Hero: For Senora Spencer, Good Is Not Necessarily Good Enough

Southlake: Unsung Hero: For Senora Spencer, Good Is Not Necessarily Good Enough

Performance excellence is so important, but may be especially so when an employee is charged with securing and managing evidence in police cases, including high profile items such as DNA, firearms, money, and/or drugs.

The proper storage and safekeeping of physical evidence is crucial in criminal prosecutions, and the individual assigned to manage the property and evidence room has to be committed to the highest level of integrity and excellence.

Senora Spencer has made that commitment in Southlake, and the quality of her work has already been recognized.

“I selected Senora as this year’s ‘Civilian of the Year’ because she has done an extraordinary job of fulfilling her duties,” said Police Chief James Brandon. “Last year she reorganized the property room, which contains over 13,000 pieces of evidence; she’s digitized property room records, and she has taken on the responsibility of assisting with DWI cases. She does all of these things thoroughly and with a very positive attitude.”

In 2017, the property room was inspected on five occasions, two of which included an audit of items in the property room. Senora’s effectiveness was on full display during each inspection, ensuring the successful completion of each.

When you talk with Senora about her job, the passion for her work is obvious. She understands its importance and willingly embraces the responsibility for it.

She proudly shows the rows of carefully organized and labeled boxes, and the before/after photos. She shares the things she has done to streamline processes, all with an eye to helping the Criminal Investigations Division successfully prosecute cases.

In spite of being here for such a short period of time (she joined Southlake’s team in December 2016), Senora has already made a big impact.

For having high standards, achieving important outcomes, and pursuing excellence every day, Senora Spencer has been selected as this quarter’s City of Southlake unsung hero.