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Northeast Times | October 2, 2022

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The First Ever Dragon Event Gives Back to CISD Community

The First Ever Dragon Event Gives Back to CISD Community

A brand new tradition was welcomed by our community this weekend: The Dragon Event. Last Saturday, over 300 Dragons, Carroll School Board Members, and Carroll Administration and Staff united to serve their community. An event modeled after Texas A&M University’s “The Big Event,” The Dragon Event was a huge success and exemplified many CISD core values.

Organized by a team of students, everything – besides the weather – was on par and organized down to the tee. The event was kick-started with free breakfast and an energetic introduction at 7:00 a.m. By 8:00 a.m., all the various groups of students were loaded on their buses and heading out to serve at their locations.

“It meant so much to see my peers and teachers come together for the purpose of unity through service, the goal of our project since the start,” Director Jacqueline Hall expresses. “Over two dozen different teams and clubs participated, as well as many teachers and staff members.” The purpose of unity was successfully achieved.

As Dragons, Carroll ISD often preaches to “Protect the Tradition” which is exactly what Jacqueline plans to maintain in the future. She acknowledges that the “project can only grow and improve from here.”

At the conclusion of their service, senior Rachel Gitter shares how “[she and the rest of her group] were greatly inspired by Mrs. Cerami’s story and kindness” at the Run4Elise, one of the 17 different organizations served.

Dragons from all different background and passions were brought together. Junior, Jac Tucker was excited to see everyone come together, “The Dragon Event was a great way to bring students from all different clubs together for a common goal.”

Jacqueline concludes, “Now that The Dragon Event has finished, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride.”