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Northeast Times | October 2, 2022

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NISD: Trustees approve 2018-22 district strategic framework

NISD: Trustees approve 2018-22 district strategic framework

At their May 29 school board meeting, the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees approved the 2018-22 district Strategic Framework.

“I’m excited to being the transition to our new Core Beliefs, Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals,” said Superintendent Ryder Warren, Ed.D. “We are blessed to be a part of a community where kids come first.”

The strategic process is one that has been ongoing since early February. Key leaders in the business community, parents, teachers, students and administrators were selected to provide insight on the direction of the district’s future. In accordance with the Texas Education Code and Board Policy BQ, the NISD school board approves and reviews the district’s vision, mission and goals. With this year being the final year of the 2014-18 strategic plan, the district begin a strategic summit in March to gather community input to reflect on where we are and where we want to be. At least 85 people participated in the summit.

“I think it is always an honor to be selected to participate in the strategic planning process for the district’s vision,” said CarrieAnn Jones, NISD parent. “It was amazing to see everyone unite for the good of all of our students in the school district.”

In April, a smaller group of 25 participants from the original community group met to revise the Core Beliefs, Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals. Their work was distributed for feedback from all participants, the superintendent’s cabinet and the school board.

“I want to thank everyone who participated in this summit,” Dr. Warren said. “Your work helped ensure that our revised Strategic Framework reflects our community’s desires for education in Northwest ISD. Their feedback was invaluable, and I cannot thank our community enough.”

The overall strategic direction reaffirmed commitment to the district’s current direction. Feedback recommends and includes language to encompass the whole child and emphasize personal learning opportunities. Next, the district plans to revisit its Profile of a Graduate, a document that reflects what a K-12 learner looks like upon graduating Northwest ISD. The Strategic Summit feedback, input and suggestions will guide the upcoming District Improvement Plan.

“I felt honored to be a part of a process where my voice, the student’s voice, was just as important as any teacher or administrator in the room,” said Logan Parham, a Byron Nelson High School senior. “I quickly learned why our school district is so successful: It takes every stakeholder’s opinions and molds it into a Strategic Framework that benefits everyone.”