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Northeast Times | August 14, 2022

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Watauga Fire Department Awarded Best Practices Recognition Status by the Texas Fire Chiefs Association

Watauga Fire Department Awarded Best Practices Recognition Status by the Texas Fire Chiefs Association

On July 5, 2018, the Watauga Fire Department received the award and designation of “Recognized Best Practices Fire Department” from the Texas Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) Best Practices Recognition Program.

Begun in 2013, the Recognition Program evaluates a Fire Department’s compliance with over 117 Best Business Practices for Fire Departments in the State of Texas. These Best Practices were developed by Fire Service professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service to communities. These Best Practices cover all aspects of Fire Department management and services including but not limited to Administration and Organization, Emergency Medical Service, Fire Prevention, Risk Reduction, Community Outreach, Safety and Health and Professional Standards and Conduct.

This voluntary process required the department to conduct a critical self-review of the department’s policies, procedures, facilities and operations. The department began the lengthy process to become a “Recognized” Fire Department in the Best Practices Program by preparing proofs of compliance for each of the Program’s areas of concentration. Upon completion of an internal review, an outside audit and review was requested. The final on-site reviews were conducted by trained Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs from other areas of the state. The result of this review was then sent to the Texas Fire Chiefs Best Practices Recognition Board for final analysis and decision to award “Recognized” status.

The Watauga Fire Department became one of only 18 departments in the state of Texas to achieve this status. Also receiving the designation was the Victoria Fire Department.

The TFCA Best Practices program provides a pathway for a fire department to push its level of service to a level of excellence that is validated by independent experts. This designation demonstrates to customers of these organizations that their fire department is among the very best in the Texas fire service.

Congratulations to Chief Shawn Fannan and the Watauga Fire Department for their dedication to the profession in undertaking the Best Practices Recognition Program.
The actual presentation of the awards will take place at a future City Council Meeting. The department will also be recognized at the TFCA Executive Conference in Georgetown in March 2019.
More information and a description of the program can be found at