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Northeast Times | November 28, 2021

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Carroll Choir Singers Excel at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest

Carroll Choir Singers Excel at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest

Carroll Choir Singers competed in the UIL Region 31 Solo and Ensemble Contest at Coppell High School Thursday, January 31. Solo and Ensemble consists of each student students singing a solo from memory in front of judge. Singers are judged on tone, technique and musicianship.  If a student receives a Division I rating, they classify for Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest held at UT-Austin in early June. See below for the entire list of results from Carroll Choir.

Name Solo Title Score
Anderson Aubrey (11) Il mio bel foco 1C
Balson, Abigail (9) Wie Melodien Zieht Es Mir 1C
Bhattacharya Debopreeta (10) Lagrimas mias 1C
Breeding Sarah (11) Quella fiamma che m’accende 1C
Buckley Reilly (11) Standchen 1C
Calvert Allison (12) Chi vuol la zingarella 1C
Cave Emma (11) Amor y odio 1C
Cory Jack (12) I Love Life 1C
Davidson Caitlin (11) Se tu m’ami 1C
Garcia Margaret (11) O del mio dolce ardor 1C
Heffron Adriana (10) Do Not Go, My Love 1C
Kahn Bill (12) Allerseelen 1C
Kalen Jamie (11) Apres un reve 1C
Kopf Evan (10) Wie Melodien Zieht Es Mir 1C
Lacy Sarah (11) Les Berceaux 1C
Meagher Amber (12) Lasciar d’amarti 1C
Mondress Aidan (11) Cancion Andaluza: El pan de Ronda 1C
Moore Harrison (12) Pilgrim’s Song 1C
Pitcher Erin (9) Nancy Hanks 1C
Poorman Sebastian (12) Whither Must I Wander? 1C
Richards Kelley Anne (12) Per la gloria d’adorarvi 1C
Thomas Abigail (12) Tell me, Oh blue, blue Sky! 1C
Thompson Jetta (9) Nancy Hanks 1C
Wade James (12) Der Wanderer 1C
Wasson Hunter (11) Quella fiamma che m’accende 1C
Wayland Ava (11) Beau Soir 1C
Zahalsky Alyssa (11) Silent Noon 1C
Anderson Tessa (10) If Music Be the Food of Love 1
Briones Herrera Valeria (9) Preguntale a las estrellas 1
Copling Sage (9) Ein Jungling Liebt ein Madchen 1
Lambeth Jack (9) Panis Angelicus 1
Mann Emma (9) O Rest in the Lord 1
Meek Addison (11) The Sky Above the Roof 1
Thomas Angela (9) Loveliest of Trees 1
Timberlake Liam (10) My Lovely Celia 1
Johnston William (9) Shenandoah 1
D’Amico, Michelle (11)
Cave, Emma (11)
Mondress, Aiden (11)
Breeding, Sarah Kate (11)
Harriman, Craig (10)
DeLugo, Devan (12)
Morrison, Daniel (11)
Wade, James (12)
Mille Regrets 1C
Bower Lauren (10) Old Woman Rain 2
Dillard Krista (10) Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile 2
Drefs Delaney (11) Le Violette 2
LaBarge Laura (12) Thou Art God 2
Melocik Jessica (12) Tu lo sai 2
Morrison Daniel (11) Vittoria, mio core! 2
Perez Kamilla (12) Sing Ye a Joyful Song 2
Sorrell Noa (10) When I Was Seventeen 2
Yeager Margaret (12) Heidenroslein 2
Shackelford Kelly (11) Chi vuol la zingarella 3
Harriman Craig (10) The Daisies 2
Kelson Sean (9) The Daisies 2
Mallavarapu, Ramitha (9) What Songs Were Sung 2
Menon Janaki (9) La calle de la paloma 2
Noon Collin (9) O Mistress Mine 2
Siddiqi Amal (10) Caro mio ben 2


1 – Superior

2 – Excellent

3 – Average

4 – Below Average

5 – Poor

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