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Northeast Times | January 28, 2022

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Jeff Mayhue, Saginaw City Employee of the Year!

Jeff Mayhue, Saginaw City Employee of the Year!

Last Friday, February 8, 2019 at the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet, Jeff Mayhue, Fleet Services Chief Mechanic, was presented the 2018 Saginaw City Employee of the Year Award by City Manager Gabe Reaume.

Mr. Jeff Mayhue’s role in the City as Fleet Services Chief Mechanic presents him as the front line component in keeping the City’s small and large equipment and vehicle fleet in service and well maintained. This is both a big responsibility and a monumental task. Without his experience, capabilities and devotion it is without question that the wide variety of routine and emergency services the City performs would be negatively impacted. Jeff has been Chief Mechanic for the City since August 10, 2015. He is responsible for the maintenance of 184 pieces of City-owned equipment.

Jeff was nominated by Fire Chief Spears who commented that “Jeff openly takes on and performs repairs and maintenance that many other cities have to contract out. Doing these things “in-house” saves the City, ultimately the citizens we all serve, huge sums of money and sometimes more importantly, reduces out-of-service time. Firetrucks are expensive, complex machines and to have our own City Mechanic who we unreservedly trust and respect to keep our fleet functioning and reliable is a huge positive and something not to be taken for granted. Jeff performs his duties with a high degree of passion and pride, and always a positive attitude. Fleet Services is the somewhat unseen and unheralded city function but the Fleet Services personnel and Jeff in particular are worthy of any recognition bestowed.”

It is our honor to introduce the 2018 Saginaw Area Chamber of Commerce “City Employee of the Year” – JEFF MAYHUE!