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Northeast Times | August 8, 2022

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KISD Artists Qualify For State Vase Contest

KISD Artists Qualify For State Vase Contest

Keller ISD art students participated in the Region 11 VASE contest February 9-10 at Timber Creek High School.

The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) has sponsored the Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) since 1994. VASE is the only art event of its kind in the nation. Students are provided the opportunity to bring artworks created in their art classes to the regional event, where they are interviewed by a certified juror who evaluates their work based on a standard based rubric and their understanding of the art processes involved in the development of their artwork. 

Jurors look for originality of concept, technical expertise, understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for visual art, and the interpretation of the student’s stated intent. Jurors at the regional level evaluate student artwork using the following standard: · RATING IV – Superior · RATING III – Excellent ·RATING II – Strong · RATING I – Accomplished

The Regional Event also serves as the Area Event, which includes the selection of the State finalists. Regional artworks that receive a Rating IV (Superior) are juried again, by a select group of designated jurors, to determine the Area finalists. The jury selects the top ten percent (10%) of artworks which receive a 4 at the Regional event in each division to advance to State.

76 KISD art students received the highest rating of IV at last weekend’s contest! Congratulations to the following students and their art instructors, who qualified for the State VASE Contest!

 Keller High School

 Kerri Carter, Instructor

West, Sydney – Childhood Breakfast

Wormbs, Astrid – Forning

Clemons, Andrew – Deep Sea Mystery

Clemons, Andrew – 1260 Beats Per Minute

Spangenberg, Kennedy – Gitana

Dubois, Corine – Sun Storm

Koschel, Marlee – Home Sweet Home

Lolin, Nicholas – Nocturna

Owen, Connor – Wisdom Of The Sea

 Craig Gould, Instructor

Mabry, Gretchen – Girl’s Gotta Eat

Spangenberg, Kennedy – Freakadelic

Gao, Yifei – Finding The Nature Within

 Chris Stickel, Instructor

Coleman, Sarah – Memories Of Baker

Harder, Lea M. – Angst

Meyers, Gabbi – Cynical

Eggers, Avery L. – Hypnotized

Kostohryz, Luke – The Great Escape

Ochoa, Humberto – Jesus Spends

Shah, Ashni R. – Branded

Singer, Tessa – Imprisoned In Capitolism

Ezernack, Elise – Home

French, Sara – In Flight

Truby, Cydney – Distort

Timber Creek High School

 Chrissy Fitch, Instructor

Autrey, Elyn – Lemon Boy

Autrey, Elyn – Cow Lick

Condit, Catherine – Bleary Eyed

Dao, Tu-quyen – Rusty Radiance

Dao, Tu-quyen – In A Bundle Of Green

Hutchinson, Madison – Organic Life

Kafley, Esneha – Framed Beauty

Li, Angela – Care Free

Li, Angela – Innocence In Light

Opam, Darlene – Gone Brother

Cavazos, Ava – Direction

Aghayere, Daniel – Trapped In Nature

Rath, Paige – Gold Rush

Rosenthal, Sophia – Whispers

Rosenthal, Sophia – Floating

Whitaker, Davis – Conglomeration

Gopffarth, Karson – Disregarded

Moontaha, Nashita – Design In Me

Marcy Gardner, Instructor

Nunley, Lilliann – Blended Heritage Portrait

Corona, Cathryn – Consumption

Dunn, Abby – A Dark Present

Nguyen, Brian – Plundered

Nguyen, Britney – Views

Wiggins, Meredith – Reaching

Wiggins, Meredith – Gazing Into The Beyond

Pinto, Jolene – Allurement

Camille Gibbons-Kerr, Instructor

Grass, Olivia – Olivia In Red And Yellow Hues

Constante, Emylie – My Hometown, Dfw

Kuchar, Jacob – Kaden

Christenson, Audrey – Girl Playing Bass

Levine, Gabriella – Eve

Smith, Tamara – Mirror Mirror

Langford, Ashlyn – Covered

Jennifer Thompson, Instructor

Patel, Sia – In The Woods

Mejia-lopez, Danna – The Gilded Age

 Central High School

 Jay Asp, Instructor

Dinh, Faith – Sweet Citrus

 Jodi Kitson, Instructor

Lebya, Jace – Time

Chock, Hannah – No, I Said River Styx

 Clint Riddle, Instructor

Palomino, Nicholas – Floating K

Saqib, Seereth – Lemon

Saqib, Seereth – Fried

Shatley, Amaliyah – Magic

 Fossil Ridge High School

 Chris Brown, Instructor

Adams, Samantha – Bird’s Eye View

 Stephanie Greenwood, Instructor

So, Gabriel – Chaos

Nunn, Emily – Paint Brushes

Dunn, Meleya – Tranquil

 Matthew Houk, Instructor

Hinnant, Jay – One Of Many

 Isabel Link, Instructor

Moore, Sophie Julian – #039997

Larsen, Amaya – New Year