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Northeast Times | August 12, 2022

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KISD: Ridgeview ES Graffiti Group Brightens Campus

KISD: Ridgeview ES Graffiti Group Brightens Campus

A Graffiti Group at Ridgeview Elementary is taking a positive spin on graffiti to brighten up the campus through positive sayings and meaningful messages.

The group started this year, led by fourth-grade teacher Jennifer Bennett, who says she first got the idea when Mrs. Ford, another fourth-grade teacher, tagged RES Principal Becky Wilder in some pictures of painted student bathrooms and they thought something like that would be a great addition to RES.

“Thinking about how we would implement that type of decoration around campus, we thought we would create a group of students to help come up with the plan and complete the installation,” Bennett said.

Each fourth grade teacher chose a few students they thought would enjoy the creative process and the group met one day during lunch.

“Once I explained the goals, the students were very excited and started brainstorming immediately,” she said.

By the end of the school year, the RES Graffiti Group plans to have two to three common areas decorated as well as the mirror in every student bathroom. The students have also made a few positive posters to post in the teachers’ restrooms. Their long-term goal is to utilize funds awarded through the Hudson Foundation Grant process to add to what this inaugural group has already installed.

“My favorite thing so far is watching the students be creative and excited about spreading joy and inspiration around the campus. This is this group’s last year at RES and they’re excited about leaving this legacy for the staff and students who follow,” Bennett said.

The group says they are appreciative to have the administrative support as well as Graffiti Group parent hands-on help, allowing their children to stay after school to help complete the installation.

“The students in Graffiti Group have taken a lot of initiative in not only creating these spaces, but in spreading messages of positivity and perseverance to others,” RES Principal Becky Wilder said. “They are bringing a student-led focus on kindness to our school and I am most proud when I see them supporting our younger students.”