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Northeast Times | August 14, 2022

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Irving: Time-of-Day Influences Water Conservation

Irving: Time-of-Day Influences Water Conservation

To promote good water use habits, minimize water waste and preserve Irving’s water supply, the city enforces time-of-day irrigation restrictions. These limits make it a violation of city ordinance to water between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from April 1 through Oct. 31. Although people readily understand water restrictions during drought conditions, it is important to develop good water use habits for the long-term protection of Irving’s water supply.

That is the goal of the city’s Water Conservation Plan. For example, in warmer weather, irrigation water is more susceptible to evaporation during warm, sunny days. As a result, early morning or late evening watering is more effective. Additionally, the cycle-soak method of running sprinklers for two or three, seven-minute cycles, with one-hour rest periods in between, optimizes irrigation.

Other Water Conservation Plan features that can minimize water consumption include:

  • Watering no more than twice per week from April through October (in warm weather) and only once per month if needed in winter (in cold weather).
  • Attaching positive shutoff nozzles when hoses are used for hand watering or car washing.
  • Repairing private property leaks.
  • Installing water-conserving landscaping including native and adaptive plants.
  • Using water-conserving plumbing fixtures at residences and businesses.
  • Purchasing water-conserving appliances.
  • Registering at for a weekly message about how much to irrigate.

For more information on the city’s Water Conservation Plan or tips for conserving, visit