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Northeast Times | January 21, 2022

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Mosquito Trapping and Testing Season Kicks Off in Southlake

Mosquito Trapping and Testing Season Kicks Off in Southlake

The weather is nice but watch out for bites. The 2019 mosquito trapping and disease testing season kicked off last week.

The Southlake Office of Emergency Management began trapping mosquitos in 5
locations around the city last Tuesday. The Public Works department will be out
surveying storms drains and assessing standing water in and around city park areas for
potential mosquito breeding sites.

From now until November, Emergency Management will collect the traps each week to
send samples to the Tarrant County Health Lab for testing of West Nile Virus, Saint
Louis encephalitis (SLE), and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

The traps are designed to capture pregnant, or egg-laying, Southern House
Mosquitoes, the species of mosquito that is the primary disease carrier in Texas. The
results of the trapping and testing determine when and where mosquito control
measures (mosquito spraying) will be implemented.

The Office of Emergency Management will post positive testing results to the DPS and
City Facebook pages as well as Nextdoor each Friday if applicable. Also available is a
GIS map of where spray trucks are scheduled.

Residents also are encouraged to join in the control effort and to avoid bites by taking
these steps:
–Eliminate potential breeding habitats for mosquitoes, such as getting rid of
standing water around the home.
–Make sure window screens and screen doors are in good repair.
–Wear long sleeve shirts and pants outdoors during peak mosquito activity
–Use mosquito repellents when necessary, and always follow label instructions.
If you have any mosquito questions or concerns, please contact the Office of
Emergency Management at 817-748-8903.