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Northeast Times | January 25, 2022

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Fort Worth: Progress continues at Gateway Park

Fort Worth: Progress continues at Gateway Park

More than 1.6 million cubic yards of soil was removed during the first phase of valley storage excavation at Gateway Park, and the old river oxbow was restored.

Plans for the second phase include soil removal from a second area adjacent to the Fort Woof dog park. This soil will be used to fill an old wastewater treatment plant. These efforts will create additional valley storage to reduce the effects of flooding. This phase is projected to begin in late spring to early summer.

While the first phase of soil removal in Gateway Park area created a lot of traffic impacts, traffic impact from the second phase will primarily be contained within Gateway Park limits. Once construction begins, the public will notice fencing and flagmen working in the park.

Improvements in Gateway Park are part of a master plan that includes a major restoration of the park’s ecosystem, numerous recreational amenities and necessary flood storage to ensure the viability of the Central City flood control project.

At just more than 1,000 acres, the new and improved Gateway will be equipped with first-class recreational amenities, making the park a regional destination for outdoor enthusiasts.