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Northeast Times | August 14, 2022

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Westlake: Changes Possibly Coming to Roanoke Road

Westlake: Changes Possibly Coming to Roanoke Road

Drivers could soon see major changes coming to the Roanoke Road/Highway 170 intersection. Due to the number of accidents in and around that area during the last few months, Town Council and Staff have recommended the Roanoke Road crossover be closed.

It’s important to note, that as of now, this is just a recommendation, no final action has been taken.

During Monday’s Council meeting, Council members heard from several people, including both Westlake and Keller residents, on their opinions on what they believe should be done with the intersection. Keller Police Chief Mike Wilson spoke to the attendees saying the design of the Highway, the blind spots created by the natural topography of the landscape, as well as the speed limit in the area have all contributed to the dangerous situation.

Next week, Town Staff will meet with TxDOT as well as representatives from Keller and Roanoke to determine the next step as well as to discuss a newly released speed study for the area. We know this is an important topic that concerns many of you, so please stay tuned for the very latest information in further emails and social media posts.