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Northeast Times | August 8, 2022

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Southlake Police Honor Good Samaritans

Southlake Police Honor Good Samaritans

Last week, the Southlake Police Department honored civilian Keith Haney for his courageous and selfless actions on the morning of March 14th, 2019, in Southlake, Texas.

On that morning, Sergeant Sewell was traveling westbound on Highway 114 on his police motorcycle, attempting to catch up to a speeder.  He lost control of the bike and was thrown into the road, sliding across the pavement.

Mr. Haney, in his street sweeper, witnessed the accident and immediately turned on his sweeper’s overhead lights, while trying to block oncoming traffic from Sergeant Sewell.  His co-worker, Damien Washer, called 911 as Mr. Haney ran to Sergeant Sewell with a flashlight.  Mr. Haney used the flashlight to shy oncoming vehicles away from the accident.

Mr. Haney and Mr. Washer’s swift actions saved Sergeant Sewell from further harm and ensured he received the medical care he needed without unnecessary delay.

Sergeant Sewell is still recovering from the accident but attended the ceremony to say “thank you” to Mr. Haney.  “I have no doubt I would not be here if not for the actions of Mr. Haney,” Sergeant Sewell said.

Assistant Chief Casey presented both heroes with a certificate and a shadow box with a Southlake Police Department patch and challenge coin.

Please join us in thanking Mr. Haney and Mr. Washer as we offer them our deepest gratitude.