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Northeast Times | September 27, 2022

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KELLER ISD Names First Ladder Cohort

KELLER ISD Names First Ladder Cohort

Keller ISD is excited to welcome 15 teachers to the first LADDER cohort, a new learning cohort for passionate teachers who want to continue to learn and grow in their craft through goal setting, observation and reflection.

LADDER is a group of passionate risk-takers with a growth mindset, who are positive, fun, team-oriented and respected by their peers.

L – Encourage lifelong Learning
A – Set and Achieve professional goals
D – Discover your passion
D – Determination for continual growth
E – Empower teachers to improve their craft
R – Reflection opportunities

By forming this group, the District believes it will see an increase in student achievement, help teachers pursue their passion and lead to personal growth, and support campus improvement through cultivating excellent teachers.

Congratulations to the first LADDER cohort:

Jeannette Brauchle, Lone Star Elementary
Nicole Chain, Caprock Elementary
Jenelle Clement, Heritage Elementary
Morgan Daley, Fossil Ridge High
Carolyn Dougherty, Trinity Springs Middle
Jennifer Dovers, Lone Star Elementary
La’Toya Haley-Hanes, Timberview Middle
Kim Kirkpatrick, Heritage Elementary
Donna McDaniel, Keller High
Nicole Mettham, Lone Star Elementary
Kimberly Newton, Early Learning Center North
Meagan Pryor, Ridgeview Elementary
Beth Rattarree, Friendship Elementary
Juli Stanford, Ridgeview Elementary
Pauli Young, Keller High