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Northeast Times | December 4, 2021

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KISD Launches Ichoose Virtual Learning Pilot At Kcal

KISD Launches Ichoose Virtual Learning Pilot At Kcal

Keller ISD will launch the iChoose Virtual Learning pilot program at the Keller Center for Advanced Learning for the 2019-20 school year.

As Keller ISD works toward offering more personalized learning opportunities for students, the District considered student feedback voicing the desire to be able to attend only KCAL, rather than moving to and from their home campus. Keller ISD began to explore the possibilities considering the enrollment capacities of the District’s high schools, the goal of allowing students to personalize and accelerate their learning, and the logistics of student travel to and from KCAL and how it impacts available instructional time. Those considerations led Keller ISD to develop a plan to create a virtual pilot program at KCAL utilizing existing existing courses and teachers.

The iChoose Virtual Learning program will provide students with the option to complete core classes online while at KCAL, which will have full-time, online Keller ISD teachers with offices at KCAL so that they will be available to students for office hours and tutorials. These teachers will also be heavily involved in curriculum development for future course availability.

In a survey conducted in the fall of 2018, 78 percent of students surveyed said they either were definitely interested in attending school only at KCAL or might be interested in attending school only at KCAL. Of those responding with interest, 57 percent were interested or may be interested in online options, with 30 percent saying they would be interested in online courses in order to stay at KCAL.

Through this pilot, the District’s plan is to:

  • reduce travel time between KCAL and home campus, and in doing so, recover lost instructional time;
  • reduce the number of students at traditional high school campuses to ease the stressors of school size;
  • provide students with personalized opportunities in support of Keller ISD’s core values;
  • enable students to focus on their interests while at school and complete core curriculum with some control over place and time; and
  • provide opportunities for students who would like to accelerate their coursework.

After the pilot year, Keller ISD will continue to look at offering core online content across all high school campuses and grades 9-12, including a robust summer offering that would allow students to continue their studies and accelerate in the summer. The District will also work toward increasing opportunities to include AP and Pre-AP options.