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Northeast Times | August 10, 2022

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Café Sicilia opens new Keller location

Café Sicilia opens new Keller location

Last time we reported on these two local favorites, Café Sicilia and Panchos Mexican Buffet, it was to announce the appointment and promotion of Lucas Nogueira to Operations Manger of the family chain of restaurants.  He is the son of Fernando Nogueira who is co-owners with Joe Seyedmorteza.

We caught up with Lucas to see how he has taken on the exciting challenge. Lucas normally hits the floor running at 9am meeting with his managers to go over the week. This includes issues such as repairs and other needs they may have to meet their production goals. He then spends the majority of the day working alongside employees and interacting with customers…while making sure that the quality and service is at its best. At some point he says he stops for lunch and gets ready for the dinner rush!  We asked Lucas what his favorite part of his job is…  “What I enjoy most about my day is the hands on aspect of the job, being able to act on issues and correct them in real time, also being able to speak with the guests that come in and engage and build relationships with all different kinds of people.”

What’s new? The opening of a new location in Keller and the addition of Farah Seyedmorteza.

Farah is the daughter of Joe.  Fernando shares… “She has been instrumental in helping the company transition to a paperless cloud based management system.”   Her responsibilities include running a weekly sales report and preparing an overall business analysis for both companies.  She also works at the Keller Café Sicilia as a manager. In fact, both Lucas and Farah share responsibilities managing the Keller location until a full time manager is appointed.

Joe continues to regularly visit each of the 7 restaurants to help maintain the quality and service at its peak.

Lucas shares… “ My Dad has stepped back a great deal but still is a very important part of the company.  He oversees all final decisions to make sure we are traveling in a positive direction. When we started thinking about the Keller location he removed Farah and I from most of our schedule, so we could learn the process and negotiations of opening a new location and we were there every step of the way for this new location; build out and all.”

Fernando says…  “It has been a great 40 year run, where I was able to make long lasting great relationships. But if there’s one thing that tops everything else, it has been to see Lucas and Farah apply themselves to the process of opening a new restaurant. It takes a special person to manage every detail from construction to opening, and Café Keller now it’s a reality thanks to them.  I’ve done what I liked for 40 years and I am very fortunate to say that much of my knowledge of operating a successful family business was passed on to Lucas and Farah.”

“I am sure that under Joe’s direct supervision, Lucas and Farah will continue to grow as managers taking care of customer and friends for years to come.”


For more information…such as locations, hours, menus and more, please visit cafesicilia.comor