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Northeast Times | January 17, 2022

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Trophy Club: Badge Pinning Ceremony Held

Trophy Club: Badge Pinning Ceremony Held

During the July 23, 2019, Town Council Meeting, the Towns Municipal Judge Eric Ransleben, gave the oath of office to new and newly promoted Police and Fire team members.

The law enforcement community is deep in traditions. As the world changes, some traditions are so important that they must remain unchanged. But the manner in which this symbol, the badge, is earned and awarded must never change.

The Badge is the symbol of authority. While this is the most visible, the identification card issued remains the real authoritative symbol. The ID card remains in your wallet while the badge is there for the world to observe.

There are two times a badge is presented to an officer — the first upon graduating from the police academy and the second upon being promoted — and both are very exciting times and both are happening tonight.

Additionally, the Fire Department is welcoming new members to the Towns Fire Department. “Badge Pinning” recognizes the entry into a firefighter’s career and marks each promotion. These three firefighters may or may not have experienced badge pinning’s at their former fire departments, and we are proud to have the opportunity to do our “badge pinning” here at the Town of Trophy Club Fire Department and welcome them to our family.

While it may seem odd to mark the beginning of a career with such fanfare, the probationary firefighter has already jumped through quite a few hoops before making it to this point. Besides training, certifications, and experience they bring with them, they have also completed a very competitive testing process. Before being hired, the probationary firefighter has successfully taken a written exam, completed an assessment center, panel review, a chief’s interview, and rigorous background check.

The probationary period provides an opportunity for both the firefighter and the department to make sure that the fit is right. Beginning a new job can be overwhelming in any career. However, recognizing the assignments that these firefighters take on and the work and service that all firefighters continue to provide is amazing. We seek to select the best and provide them the best training so they can provide the best service possible to our community.