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Northeast Times | August 12, 2022

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Talking About Music for Irving ISD

Talking About Music for Irving ISD

Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra to present Talking About Music for Irving ISD 4th Graders, September 4 through September 17, 2019 at 20 Irving ISD Elementary Schools, sharing classical music with thousands of students.


“For our society to move forward, for our culture to survive, fine arts education must remain strong.  We already know that kids who study music do better in physics and math.  Teaching the fine arts is a rounding of the whole development of the student.”

– Rob Eissler, Former House Public Education Committee Chair


Re-branded this season as Talking About Music (formerly called Conversations with Music), this program is one part of an age-specific, arts integrated curriculum designed to enhance and supplement the arts education programs of the participating school district.  This project works through partnerships between the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra and IISD teachers.  Teachers are provided with curriculum and materials designed to target specific TEKS and prepare the students for the LCSO presentation.  The program culminates with an in-school interactive performance by a chamber group of professional musicians from the LCSO.  The Talking About Music program creates a platform for learning through creative discovery and enhances the development of critical skills that will be useful to the students in all learning endeavors.

The purpose of Talking About Music is to educate, inspire, and entertain young students by acquainting them with the orchestra, introducing them to classical and popular music, and instilling in them an opportunity to both create music and to appreciate quality music throughout their lives.

Students attending this year’s Talking About Music will be swept away on a global musical adventure featuring excerpts from Schumann’s The Wild Horseman, Vivaldi’s Spring (from The Four Seasons), Grieg’s, In the Hall of the Mountain King, and popular favorites from television shows and movies.  Students will learn that music is everywhere, that music conveys emotion, and that classical music is everywhere.  They will have the chance to interact with the Narrator during the presentation and to ask questions of the professional musicians at the conclusion of the performance.

The Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra is a fully professional ensemble dedicated to excellence in the performance of symphonic music and to the cultural enrichment of the dynamically growing Las Colinas corporate and residential communities, as well as to patrons throughout Irving and adjacent cities.  The Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra seeks to present concerts for the community of the highest artistic quality of symphonic music for all ages.  It also seeks to foster an appreciation of orchestral music and to further the performing arts.  Talking About Music is just one of the LCSO’s education programs; the others being KidsNotes, Young People’s Concerts, and the Lone Star Youth Orchestra.

The Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra credits its Music Director, Robert Carter Austin for its continued outstanding and diverse orchestral programming.  Maestro Austin’s background encompasses over 40 years of professional music experience and includes degrees from MIT, Cambridge University, and Stanford University.  Maestro Austin’s international musical experience includes conducting performances in countries such as Korea, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, Spain, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Colombia, the Philippines, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Slovakia, Venezuela, Brazil, and the United States.

Performance Locations in Irving for 2019: T. Haley Elementary, Townsell Elementary, Johnston Elementary, Hanes Elementary, Lee Elementary, Brandenburg Elementary, Farine Elementary, Keyes Elementary, Good Elementary, Gilbert Elementary, Davis Elementary, Barton Elementary, Lively Elementary, J. Haley Elementary, Stipes Elementary, Brown Elementary, Elliot Elementary, Townley Elementary, Britain Elementary, and Schulze Elementary.




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