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Northeast Times | August 14, 2022

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The 4th Annual Give Back Challenge Returns to Carroll ISD

The 4th Annual Give Back Challenge Returns to Carroll ISD

For the 4th year in a row, Carroll ISD is challenging all 11 CISD campuses to participate in a gift card drive from Monday, September 23 through Friday, September 27. This year, the campuses will compete to see who can raise the most money in gift cards for our neighbors at Stepping Stones Foundation.

The Stepping Stones Foundation is dedicated to serving youth in crisis throughout North Texas by providing access to emergency housing, food, clothing, and medical care as well as offering an array of programs and services aimed to empower and instill the necessary tools for making positive life choices.

The winning school will be announced during the game at Dragon Stadium on Friday, September 27. The campus that collects the largest dollar amount in gift cards (based on a percentage of their overall student enrollment) will be named this year’s Ozarka® Compassion Cup winner. The Ozarka® Compassion Cup will be awarded at a school assembly.

Stepping Stones Foundation has helped at-risk and homeless children since 2009. They have worked hard to create awareness in the community and establish relationships with Child Protective Services, school intervention counselors and local law enforcement to refer children in need. As they meet these elementary, middle or high-school children, they perform a needs assessment, and resources or services are provided based upon availability. Some of those basic needs can be supplied with gift cards from grocery stores, Walmart, Target and fast-food restaurants. Older students, who may be essentially on their own, value gift cards from Uber and Lyft to help them get to school, work or various appointments.

It would be appreciated if gift cards could be in denominations of $10 to $50, and all gift cards should be labeled with their dollar amount. Labeled gift card drop boxes will be available in the front office of each campus, the CISD Administration Building and on-site at Dragon Stadium at the Ozarka booth at the September 27 game.

Gift cards will be picked up at all campuses at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 27 for counting. Late cards may be dropped off later that night at Dragon Stadium but won’t be counted toward the Give Back Challenge.

Learn more about this year’s recipient, Stepping Stones in these videos below provided by WFAA.