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Northeast Times | August 12, 2022

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Senior Pipeline Tidings December 2019

Senior Pipeline Tidings December 2019

Peace on Earth is hard to find when you listen to or view the electronic news media reporting the latest antics of our leaders, riots, innocent people being killed no matter where they happen to be which reminds us no one is safe, no matter where they “think” and “feel” is the safest place to be. Printed news reports relay the same messages. As the holidays approach, I’m inclined to think a lot of us are shaking our heads and reaching inwardly to grasp the true meaning of Christmas. Then something very special can happen which brings everything clearly into focus. The week before Halloween the Assisted Living Facility where my husband lives had a Halloween Party which included all family members (meaning children of all ages). The party room was decorated to the hilt. Food and drink were abundant. Balloons were everywhere. Residents in wheelchairs lined one wall, other residents in wheelchairs and walkers sat with family members at tables. At first, there was a feeling of sadness, but children have a way of brightening up the world and it wasn’t long before balloons on the floor were picked up and bounced back and forth between them. Residents and other family members smiled tolerantly for a few minutes. Then my youngest grandson, wearing a skeleton costume, gently tossed a balloon at a lady who I knew rarely smiled. She bounced it back to him. He gently punched it to another resident, then others. The looks of anticipation were almost naked as I watched the scene. He returned to the lady and all of a sudden there was a smile on her face As they continued their game, her eyes began glittering, and she laughed. Christmas came in October for that lady, as well as many of the other residents and family members. My grandson became Santa Claus. What a gift he gave to these innocent elderly residents and their families. Once treats had been consumed music was turned on. One of the more mobile residents hopped up, left his walker, and began stomping his feet and smiling happily. One of the staff members danced slowly with a resident. Children, family members, and a Staff member began doing a country-western line dance. The room glowed with smiles galore. It was a very happy, special party that became a special Christmas gift to all in October. I hope that each of you finds a special, and meaningful gift for yourselves this year as the season approaches.

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