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Northeast Times | September 28, 2022

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Trophy Club Fire Chief Promoted to Assistant Town Manager

Trophy Club Fire Chief Promoted to Assistant Town Manager

Trophy Club Fire Chief Wade Carroll has been promoted to the newly created post of Assistant Town Manager.  After completing his first month as the new Town Manager, Steve Norwood made the decision to promote Chief Carroll, who had served as interim Town Manager since late June.  Norwood reclassified a vacant Director position and realigned it to create the Assistant Town Manager position.

“He has been a change agent and has developed a deep understanding of how the Town works — and how it needs to change,” Norwood said. “Working with him for these first few weeks, I’ve seen how important his skill set is.  He shares my priorities and will play an essential part in enhancing the Trophy Club’s goals and objectives.”

His new title formalizes the expanded responsibilities he has undertaken over the last 6 months and adds a few new ones. In his new role, Carroll will oversee Parks & Recreation, Community Development, Information Services, and Human Resources department daily operations and strategic planning.

Carroll was hired by the Town in 2017 as Fire Chief. Before then, he served for 18 years in the Fire Department of neighboring Southlake.  During his time in Southlake, Carroll was promoted from the rank of Driver/Engineer, Fire Lieutenant and finally Deputy Fire Chief of Operations.

Carroll said he “immediately knew Trophy Club was the kind of place for me” when he was hired by the town almost three years ago, and he has always made strives to be more than just another employee. “I want to make a difference here in Trophy Club and push us towards a new level of excellence in service for everyone who lives here,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier about this new opportunity and I’m excited to bring my experiences in municipal leadership to serve this community.”

Norwood said the new Assistant Town Manager position was created for a variety of reasons but above all to ensure better responsiveness to residents.

“We have a substantial capital improvement project list, new land-use regulations and must still address daily issues from trash pick-up to potholes. It is a priority of the current Town Council that all concerns are addressed in as timely a manner as possible. With an excellent Assistant Town Manager in place, we can expect to improve customer service across the board” stated Norwood.

Carroll said that he did not initially expect to be a candidate for the position, but the “crash course, as it were” of the past six months drew him in. “It inspired my enthusiasm — to look at the broader scope of things the Town does well, things the Town can improve in, and ways we can be more responsive to the public,” he said. “In addition, I really have come to appreciate the excitement and energy the Mayor, Council and Town Manager Norwood bring to the table.”

Town Council applauded Norwood’s decision to hire Carroll as Assistant Town Manager at the November 12 Town Council Meeting.

“I think, just like anyone that’s worked in the fire service, Chief Carroll is pretty straightforward. He’s honest. He’ll tell it like it is. I appreciate that about him” said Mayor Nick Sanders, “He certainly gave us a very, very well-equipped and well-managed Fire Department, I have similar expectations for him as he pairs up with Town Manager Norwood.”

Norwood said he plans to open a broad search for the Fire Chief replacement. Until the position is filled, however, Carroll will remain over the Fire Department and oversee the Interim Fire Chief and department logistics.

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