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Northeast Times | January 25, 2022

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Senior Pipeline Tidings By: Maurine LeCocq, HSAC Journalist

Senior Pipeline Tidings By: Maurine LeCocq, HSAC Journalist

Well, the holidays are just about behind us! Many of us tried really hard to stay within the budget with our gifting. . .some of us were unable to resist that particular item that would be perfect but took a little more out of our pocketbook than we intended. Most of us overate. Some of us over imbibed. The good news is it’s the New Year of 2020. Now we can get back into the old routine that’s normal for us. January is the time we look forward to returning to HSAC to lower that inch we gained eating, partying, eating, imbibing, eating. Oh my. . .many of us had such a great time over the holidays! Now we are all anxious to get back where we were before all that fun happened, and catch up on how the holidays were for our HSAC friends. First things first. If you haven’t already done this, get out the plastic baggies, plastic storage containers, that Sharpie marker, and set them on your kitchen counter. Pull out one leftover from the refrigerator, identify the size container or bag you need, mark the container with your marker and put it in the freezer. (If it’s too old chuck it so you don’t begin the new year with food poisoning.) Continue on with the rest of the safe leftovers. Just think, you will be able to enjoy leftovers later when you don’t feel like cooking. Second on your to do list is to head over to HSAC. Register for the fun (or not so fun, whichever way you look at it) things you really Need to do to get rid of that extra weight and or inches before Valentine’s Day?, Easter?, Summer?. Whatever goal you want to set. Many of us impatiently want ASAP. Me thinks it’s time to look for that different kind of fun that will help us. Check the inside of this magazine to determine what kind of exercise classes you think you would like to attend. By the way, Rosey is offering a Fitness Assessment class which would be a good way to begin. Think about it! Soup and Socks is a return event this year. Don’t forget the Annual Memorial Service. It’s a very special, beautiful, and meaningful way to remember and honor our HSAC members who moved to their heavenly homes in 2019. Don’t forget your favorite classes and activities. Check out the Sr. Pipeline to make sure their times and locations haven’t changed. You might also find something new, interesting, or educational that you think you’d really enjoy as well. It’s never too late to make resolutions! Why not add more healthy exercise, educational classes, and fun activities at HSAC to the top of your list? It’s a great way to assure you will have a Happy New Year.