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Northeast Times | January 19, 2022

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New Color for Small Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

New Color for Small Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

As the Proven Leader in Pet Mobility, Walkin’ Pets is devoted to keeping senior and handicapped pets always on the move! The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair provides a simple solution for pets experiencing mobility challenges. This life-changing tool enables pets all over the world to exercise, play and regain their independence.

Walkin’ Pets is proud to announce the launch of their newest color wheelchair, the Seafoam Small Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. This lightweight, adjustable wheelchair is easy to use and fits small pets from 11 to 25 pounds. Now pet parents can choose the color wheelchair that best fits their pet’s personality (also available in Blue, Pink and Camouflage).

Retail Price of Seafoam Walkin’ Wheels: $249

The Walkin’ Wheels is perfect for dogs dealing with progressive mobility loss, as it can adapt to their changing health needs. Simply add the Front Wheel attachment to convert their rear wheelchair into a full support, four-wheel wheelchair to support their back and front legs.

With 4 different frame sizes available, the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair is the perfect mobility solution for pets ranging between 2 and 180 lbs.

Walkin’ Pets by is the proven leader in pet mobility, with a 20-year record of helping to put miracles in motion. Whether it be dogs, cats, goats or even ducks! Walkin’ Pets products are designed to keep pets moving, so they can get back to what’s important, enjoying their family and living an active, healthier lifestyle. At Walkin’ Pets we don’t make miracles, we just set them in motion.