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Northeast Times | August 8, 2022

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Saginaw Citizens’ Bond Committee Recommendations

Saginaw Citizens’ Bond Committee Recommendations

The Saginaw Citizens’ Bond Committee presented a list of future project recommendations to the City Council on December 3, 2019. A bond is a type of loan that cities use to fund public projects like buildings, storm drainage, streets, and parks. It is paid off at a fixed rate over time much like a home loan. The Citizens’ Bond Committee recommendations (and others) are currently being discussed by the City Council to prepare for a potential future bond program.

You can find the recommendations by clicking here.

The top priority projects from the Committee’s recommendations deal directly with the issue of drainage. These include:

  • Citizens’ Bond Committee Priority #1:  Relocating our Central Fire Station due to longstanding drainage and building flooding issues. A potential new station would accommodate future space needs and incorporate an Emergency Operations Center for emergency management purposes.
  • Citizens’ Bond Committee Priority #2:  Reconstruction of the north section of Knowles Drive. This section would be 400’ south of Woodcrest to Edwards and would include a large new storm drain system designed to improve drainage and minimize flooding issues in the vicinity, especially around Leatherman Drive and John Kennedy Drive.

Like many things in life, these projects (and others) require time and money. Further updates will be forthcoming.