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Northeast Times | January 16, 2022

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Carroll ISD BPA Team Hosts Successful Conference; Many Advance to State

Carroll ISD BPA Team Hosts Successful Conference; Many Advance to State

The Carroll ISD Business Professionals of America chapters hosted the Regional Leadership Conference on Saturday, January 25, at Carroll High School, and were again successful in achieving many state qualified placements.

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for middle school, high school, and college students preparing for careers in business and office occupations. The organization’s activities and programs complement classroom instruction by giving students practical experience through the application of the skills learned at school. Business Professionals of America acts as a cohesive agent in the nationwide networking of education and business and industry and is contributing to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.

Below is the list of top results from the January 25 competition.


Elizabeth Hamel – Advanced Interview Skills – 2nd Place

Amay Ghia – Advanced Interview Skills – 5th Place

Uma Datta – Banking & Finance – 5th Place

Brady Miller – Basic Office Systems & Procedures – 1st Place

Sophia Polisetty – Business Law & Ethics – 1st Place

Matthew Merino – Business Meeting Management – 1st Place

Lauren Galbraith – Computer Modeling – 2nd Place

Abby Dickerson – Digital Marketing Concepts – 2nd Place

Deenah Quadeer – Economic Research Individual – 3rd Place

Arnav Koppala – Economic Research Individual – 5th Place

Zane Qureshi – Entrepreneurship – 1st Place

Ramitha Mallavarapu – Entrepreneurship – 3rd Place

Caitlyn Petescia – Extemporaneous Speech – 4th Place

Hutton Seltzer – Extemporaneous Speech – 5th Place

Shivang Jain – Fundamental Accounting – 1st Place

Anika Bajpai – Graphic Design Promotion – 3rd Place

Andrew Keady – Graphic Design Promotion – 5th Place

Alysa Lakhani – Human Resource Management – 2nd Place

Annabelle Martin – ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding – 1st Place

Marianna Torres – ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding – 2nd Place

Alisha Choudry – Interview Skills – 4th Place

Aanya Jayasekera – Interview Skills – 6th Place

Andrew Eaton – JAVA Programming – 2nd Place

Jacob Welch – Legal Office Procedure – 2nd Place

Cristina Petescia – Legal Office Procedures – 3rd Place

Kendall Lyman – Medical Office Procedures – 3rd Place

Vansh Shah – Medical Office Procedures – 5th Place

Daniel Eldred – Parliamentary Procedure Concepts – 5th Place

Aarin Bindlish – Payroll Accounting – 2nd Palce

Surina Kisinchandani – Prepared Speech – 1st Place

Joe Gardner – Presentation Management Individual – 2nd Place


Sophia Polisetty, Cristina Petescia, Katie Hick, Andrew Eaton – Broadcast News Team – 1st Place

Aanya Jayasekera, Annabelle Martin, Jenna Neves – Broadcast News Team – 2nd Place

Ramitha Mallvarapu & Elizabeth Hamel – Economic Research Team – 2nd Place

Alina Khawaja & Megan Wolf – Economics Research Team – 3rd Place

Aarin Bindlish, Shivang Jain, Keedy Shore & Surina Kishinchandani – Financial Analyst Team – 1st Place

Gabriella Morisano, Francesa Morisano & Andrew Keady – Global Marketing Team – 3rd Place

Uma Datta & Saad Mohammed – Presentation Management Team – 2nd Place

Amay Ghia, Moritz Proell, Ian Kwon – Small Business Management Team – 3rd Place

Arnav Koppala, Abhinav Pemmasani, Shane Patel, Adhitya Ravikumar – Small Business Management Team – 4th Place

Vansh Shah, Jacob Welch, Brady Miller, Joe Gardner – Website Design Team – 2nd Place

Deenah Quadeer, Hibba Khurshid, & Alisha Choudry – Website Design Team – 3rd Place

MIDDLE LEVEL (Carroll Middle School)

Tarun Lucas – Extemporaneous Speech – 1st Place

Spandan Patel – Spreadsheet Applications – 1st Place

Sidhi Devireddy & Siri Gangireddy – Administrative Support Team – 3rd Place

Tarun Lucas & Spandan Patel – Website Design Team – 1st Place

Sharjeel Amin & Raghav Katta – Presentation Management Team – 2nd Place

This year the Carroll ISD BPA membership continues to grow and we welcome our newest chapter at Carroll Middle School this year. The State Qualified students from Carroll Middle School, Carroll High School, and Carroll Senior High School will be attending the Business Professionals of America 2020 State Leadership Conference March 5-7 in Dallas. The Carroll ISD chapter members will join over 2,800 other conference delegates from across the state to participate in state-level business skill competitions, general sessions, and the state officer candidate campaigns and elections.