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Northeast Times | August 12, 2022

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City Addresses Resident’s Drainage Concerns

City Addresses Resident’s Drainage Concerns
As spring arrives, heavy rains are often close behind. In 2019, the City of Colleyville formed a Drainage Committee to manage short and long-term community drainage concerns in response to flooding events at that time. The committee resolved 43 cases last year and stands ready to address issues in 2020 should they arise.
The committee consists of staff across several divisions and departments in order to provide a variety of perspectives and ideas. This staff committee will log, track, and document drainage concerns from complaint to corrective action. The committee will discuss concerns and follow up with the resident who brought forth the issue. While not all drainage concerns brought before the committee will receive action, a detailed response will be provided.
For information about the Drainage Committee or for assistance with drainage concerns, contact the Public Works Department at 817-503-1090.