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Northeast Times | October 5, 2022

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Feeling crafty? Make and donate face masks to city workers

Feeling crafty? Make and donate face masks to city workers

In an effort to keep City of Fort Worth employees safe while they are on the job, the city is conducting a collection drive for homemade protective masks starting on April 15.

The donated masks will be distributed to essential city workers in departments operating during the stay-at home order to keep services running smoothly such as the animal shelter, Water Department, Transportation & Public Works and others. While the city has ordered additional manufactured protective masks, the demand for them is so great that some orders may not be fulfilled for months.

Fort Worth Public Library Director Manya Shorr is coordinating the collection effort. “Following the success of the donation drive to collect personal protective equipment a few weeks ago, we know the people of our community are eager to help in any way they can,” Shorr said. “Any masks collected will be put to good use, protecting City of Fort Worth workers and the public they serve.”

The goal is to collect at least 15,000 homemade masks, which is two per city employee, and the city is seeking only masks made to these specifications:

  • 100% cotton is best.
  • Multiple layers of fabric.
  • Do not include any metal in the mask.
  • Ear straps or ties for behind the head are fine, whichever is available.
  • Masks must be able to be washed and dried without changing size or shape.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends anyone venturing into a community setting where other people are likely to be to cover their nose and mouth. The CDC offers instructions for two types of handmade masks – sewn and not sewn – as well as instructions for wearing, removing and washing them.

Masks may be dropped off at any time into the book drops at these Fort Worth Public Library locations:
Central Library, 500 W. Third St.
Southwest Regional Library, 4001 Library Lane.
Northwest Branch Library, 6228 Crystal Lake Drive.

Donations will be collected and stored under current CDC safety guidelines before they are distributed to city employees who need them.

Please note that the book drops are open only for mask donations. Patrons who have library materials checked out are asked to keep them until buildings reopen and staff members are accepting returns. No late fines will be charged or accounts blocked for items that are kept past the due date while the libraries are temporarily closed to the public.