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Northeast Times | April 5, 2020

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Fort Worth extends Stay at Home Declaration in response to COVID-19

March 31, 2020 |

The Fort Worth City Council extended the emergency declaration that was signed by Mayor Betsy Price on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 to implement stay home, work safe restrictions to help combat the spread and impact of COVID-19 on the City … Read More

Christian Brothers

Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry Launches Coalition to Develop Industry-Led Solutions to Minimize Flaring and Methane Emissions

March 31, 2020 |

AUSTIN—An alliance of Texas oil and natural gas trade associations, along with nearly 40 Texas energy companies, today announced they have formed a coalition to work together on environmental progress. Focused on industry-led solutions to minimize flaring and methane emissions, … Read More

Albuterol Shortage Prompts Change in Preferred Status

March 27, 2020 |

On March 21, VDP changed the preferred drug list status of certain Albuterol products from non-preferred to preferred. This is a temporary change to address reported drug shortages for short-acting agents in the bronchodilators, beta agonist drug class. The full … Read More

HHSC Takes Steps to Protect Denton SSLC Residents, Staff and Community with On-Site EMS Resources

March 27, 2020 |

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is taking additional steps to protect residents and staff of the Denton State Supported Living Center and the surrounding community, and to slow the spread of COVID-19. Measures include stationing emergency medical resources … Read More