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Northeast Times | December 1, 2021

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Keller Chamber of Commerce

President Rudy Martinez

President Rudy Martinez

Can you believe it’s July 2014 already! I can still remember back in 1999 when there was talk about all the chaos coming because on the millennium. Talk of disruption and the world ending, etc., etc, etc. Kind of reminds me of earlier this year when I took the role as President/CEO for The Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce. There was uncertainty of our future in lots of people’s minds, solely because of what they had heard, not because of what they had researched themselves. It’s funny; when the rumor mill starts many take it as fact and forget to do their own due diligence.
When I came on board as the new leader of this organization I had a vision, my background was not in being a “Chamber Executive”, my background was in being an entrepreneur since I was about 20 years old. Since then I have believed in chambers of Commerce, I knew what they could do and what they could not do. In the past several years chambers around the country have had to reinvent themselves, and The Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce was no different. In the last four months we have implemented new programs, new platforms and a totally new member-centric online directory. These new tools, new programs are what will make this chamber stand out; we have organizations that understand we need to bring value, not just lip service the members and they have agreed to partner with us to accomplish just that. This is just the beginning of OUR reinvention!
The Zig Ziglar Group, the Terri Maxwell group with Succeed on Purpose, GroRx are just a few of our new partners that have agreed to empower and enlighten our members to make them the best they can be. As we continue on this path of reinvention we will seek out leaders in business to become mentors to those desiring them. We will continue to partner with our community and communities around us to be known as an organization that is responsive and respective of our region and membership.
My goal as a leader is to help our members facilitate their growth, to give them a road map and encourage them to ENVISION their future as entrepreneurs and be successful. Our country is filled with companies that began with just a dream or a vision. My goal as President/CEO is to help bring that dream/vision to fruition.
I’ll leave you with this quote to ponder,
“The open doors of opportunity are all around you, but they won’t do you much good unless you learn to see them and recognize when to walk through them.”
The Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce is always looking for those doors of opportunity for you and always there to help you walk through them, the decision is yours, will you get active and engage to walk through those doors and succeed or will you just wait and wonder ‘what if’? Life is short, take the initiative, make something happen. The Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce, here since 1979 and here for generations to come.