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Northeast Times | February 5, 2023

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Don’t Forget to Feed Me

Don’t Forget to Feed Me


Halfway There
Hot & Hungry is currently at just over $2,500 in donations with 10 days to go. Will you join us?
Each summer, Don’t Forget to Feed Me’s distribution partners see an increase of up to 30% in the number of clients requesting pet food assistance, pet owners who simply want to keep their animals at home, instead of hot and hungry on the streets or in shelters.

In addition to our regular program of pet food distribution, we’re adding new partnerships to address the needs of pet-owning senior citizens on limited incomes, and pet-owners who have experienced catastrophic events such as a house fire. We’re working with senior centers across the area and with a well-established international disaster relief organization to bring help to pet-owners across the Metroplex.

Only you can make these innovative and unduplicated programs successful.
Don’t Forget to Feed Me needs your support now more than ever. Your tax-deductible donation means that together, we can continue to ensure that no pet owner will ever have to choose between stay…or go – even during the summer!

A donation of just $10 can make a huge difference.

Please join the Don’t Forget to Feed Me Hot & Hungry Campaign today by donating online or by mail.

You are the difference between stay…or go!